Wednesday, July 23, 2014


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31 Ways Knitting and Crochet Can Change Your Life and Make You Healthier
17 Lion Brand Notebook / by Danielle / 5 hours ago
The research is in and there’s no denying it: people who knit and crochet have a much better chance at staying healthy, being happy and getting organized.

In the past few years, reports from authoritative sources such as CNN, the Huffington Post and Oxford University, cite evidence to support the fact that knitting and crochet can change your life in many ways … and for the better.

Health is a serious matter for all of us, so we took some time to compile our favorite writings on the matter; articles from Lion Brand bloggers such as Kathryn Vercillo and investigative reports from mainstream media outlets like the Washington Post.

We hope that you find this round-up useful and that you’ll include knitting and crochet as part of your personal health and wellness plan. It works!

31 Ways that Knitting and Crochet Can Change Your Life

Relieve depression.
Promote mental health.
Reduce anxiety.
Process grief.
Alleviate cabin fever during winter months.
Reduce Stress.
Practise mindfulness and meditation.
Create a non-medicinal, feel-good high.
Protect the brain from damage incurred by aging.
Learn discipline, empathy, patience.
Lose weight.
Relieve insomnia.
Relieve chronic pain.
Keep your brain fit.
Think clearer.
Reduce negative thoughts.
Reduce or postpone dementia.
Improve your mood.
Get organized.
Build self-esteem.
Avoid cognitive impairment.
Delay memory loss.
Control eating disorders.
Find friends.
Reduce irritability and restlessness.
Control addictions.
Get strong.
Practice prayer.
Give to others.
Build community.
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