Friday, November 22, 2013

Scarf Pattern

Hi everyone,

Today I'd like to give you the pattern for the scarf I've been working on. It looks complicated, but it's really simple. I've heard this called a xsc stitch, that is extended single crochet-at least I think so. Anyway it is a simple stitch:

Insert hook in next stitch, yo and pull loop thru, yo and pull thru one loop on hook then yo and pull thru remaining two. Repeat.

To me it's like working a foundation single crochet stitch, but I often see similarities where there are none. Anyway, what makes it look complicated is how the stitch is situated. It's placed in the back loop only of one stitch and the front loop only of the next. If it was back loop only in previous row it will be front loop only in current row and vice versa.

It's completely reversible (good thing to have in a scarf). It looks different on the front side, but still misleadingly complicated.

I thought this yarn was too stiff (it's Hometown USA by Lion Brand), but I tried it with an N hook and it's really nice. This could be for a man or a woman, but I'd suggest a finer yarn for a woman. That's just my personal preference.

Crochet Every Single Day,