Sunday, October 20, 2013

iPad Carrier

Very close-up of stitches.
Hi everyone,
I decided to make a carrier for my iPad to protect it from accidental dropping and to free my hands for other things. So first I looked for thick stitches and decided on type of bobble stitch that is simply a treble and single in one stitch, then chain one and skip a stitch, repeat. I started at the bottom of the bag and worked up towards the handles. Everything was fine until I ran out of the yarn I was using. I tried several other yarns in the same stitch and it just wasn't right. When I changed the stitch, the yarn possibilities opened up. The top of the bag is just front post stitches.
I'm liking it. Then what about a closure and/or handles? Again tried several ideas and settled on the one using plastic tubing. I cut the tubing to the length I wanted the handle, and single crocheted over it. But first, I cut a slit about 3 inches up one end of the tubing and folded it back over the uncut portion.

Then single crocheted over the tubing.

You can see that a large crochet hook could still fit through the turned back portion of the tubing.

I pulled several strands (6 I think) through that opening and then attached to bag with single crochet through the outside of the bag. So, tada, here it is!

I should have written the instructions as I went, but this little description lets you see the thought process that leads to free-form crochet.
Make yourself something using improvisation to get it done. It's truly rewarding-AND useful.