Saturday, December 22, 2012

Priscilla Hewitt's Gripper Towel Ring

This is far and away the BEST towel ring I have ever seen. Such a clever design! Pricilla must be an engineer as well as a crocheter.
I have her in my side bar where I suggest you go and look at all her free patterns. The link directly to this pattern is HERE. It works up in a jiffy and after the first one (learning curve), you can really make several at one good sitting.
This gripper will not let go of your towel. It's great for golfers as well as cooks, burp cloths; just so many applications. Quick gift or bizarre item.
Ok. Enough on the selling points. What I have below is just a short demo on how it's done. (It even looks like the same yarn.)

I used coned cotton, and a size G hook. If you have any difficulty keeping the two rings together for the first six stitches, tape them together first.

Then the 31 chains.

Sc back down the chain.

Above is just before single crochets into the second side of buttonhole.

That buttonhole marks the almost half way done spot. Then I forgot to continue taking photos until I was finished, but the second part is very easy.
Here is the finished back side.

And here is the front with a towel

and the back with a towel.

So you can see how it works.
Try this, and look at her other patterns too. I'd love to hear what you think and see what you make!
Crochet every single day,