Monday, June 18, 2012

Evening Bag bling from audio tape

Please see previous post for the beginning of this project
So I did not post this yesterday as I said I would, and I apologize for that because I try to keep my word. Anyway here's what happens next. I took these two yarns and worked with them as one.

The top one is a "ladder" ribbon yarn and the other is a hairy glitter.
Using them together as one I doodled over the video tape base with surface crochet until I had what I think is a nice random design. This made it look like this.

Then in this next picture I have it just pinned to the approximate way I want it to look when I have finished and laid the button on it that I plan to use. (front and back)

And you could just attach the button and sew up the sides and use it as the flat little purse it is at this point. I plan to line it with side gussets so it has some depth to it. If you don't want to do surface crochet, you could just weave ribbons through the stitches. You could add a handle or shoulder strap; I just wanted a clutch. Let your creativity go wild! Video tape...who would have thought? See previous post for getting started.