Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Owlet for Jeanne

My sister is getting her sewing room all fixed just the way she wants it, so I wanted to contribute something small AND useful. I found a pattern for this little owl at:

There are pictures with full instructions and a link to a tutorial there. Anyway I loved these little hooters, but I could not think of them as useful. So with her sewing room in mind, I did a couple of small changes. When it was time to stuff it, I used a small flat rock wrapped in stuffing material so it had a good base that would not topple so easily. Then at the top behind both the white part and the brown part under that, I added steel wool for sharpening her pins and needles.
I'm quite proud of my innovations, and found out when I gave it to her that she collects owls! When it's right you can just feel it.