Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Birdie Told Me So

Somehow I deleted my original post about this lovely little birdie so this is a recreation. I found this idea at Attic24, and she has a tutorial there too.
I am one of a zillion fans of Lucy's crochet, but of course I had to make it my own. The yarn I had available was like hers. To pastelish for me. I wanted something loud and vibrant, maybe even exotic. So I went shopping but still couldn't find just the right colors.

Then it hit me like a rock falling on my head and I literally ran for my embroidery floss. I was so excited I could hardly crochet the colors together and absolutely love the results.

It is smaller and I like this size. That's a 6inch ruler in the picture so you have an idea of scale. It's not even stuffed, has no wings and hangs in my sewing room where I smile every time I see it. It's so quick to make and may be used on a gift wrap, hang it on your rear view window, one I made ended up in a lady's big hair. (Big hair is a southern thing.). Please try this yourself. I know you'll be happy with the results. I'm thinking of a mobile-wouldn't that be beautiful. If you make one and contact me, I'll post it on this blog.

Update - See "Don't Pay For It!" post of May 13, 2012