Friday, May 9, 2014


Hi everyone,

Finally got past my eye surgeries and am back to blogging. As I has said in a previous post, I want to do more designing but have not been able to do much lately. However, Sangeetha of CROCHETKARI has been doing just that. She is my very best friend in this world (besides my husband) and she has done more in her two years of blogging than I could dream of, although we started our blogs at about the same time.

She is celebrating her 100th post, has published her first pattern (PDF) which you can read about HERE, got her own domain and redesigned her blog AND opened her CROCHETKARI ETSY SHOP.

I hope you will help celebrate her Blogaversary this month with me as I could never fit it in a singular post. This is only an introductory post in case you have not discovered her on your own yet. LOL

Crochet Every Single Day,