Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MOOGLY's Soap Saver Contest

Hi everyone,

I've been very busy today as I am sure most hosts for Thanksgiving dinner have been. No sweat. I had decided yesterday to make this soap saver and read thru the pattern. Estimating maybe an hour for the project was where I went wrong.

Now I could probably make all the rest I intend to make for gifts in probably 45 minutes each! It's a glorious and inventive pattern, but.....Well, just let me say this; the first person who makes this from the written pattern HERE should contact me. I will ask 2 questions about the pattern and if you can answer them correctly YOU WIN!!! Win what? I will give a $10.00 off discount for you to buy anything you want from JIMBOS FRONT PORCH! That's it. It's just that easy.

Anyway, a little gratification for a finished project is mine. Will you be my winner? Remember it's the FIRST person to answer TWO questions correctly. If you send me a photo of your finished soap saver, I'll publish it here on the blog whether you win or not. Until tomorrow.

Crochet Every Single Day,