Saturday, November 16, 2013

Little Free-form Ditty

Hi everybody,

Today I have made an attempt to make a little piece of art and write down what I did at the same time. Whew! I think writing stifles the nature of from-form, but here's what I made.

I used 2 strands of very thin nylon held together and an F hook. Here's the nylon next to size 3 crochet thread.

You may use any yarn or thread as long as you use the appropriate hook size. Now here's the thing. I can't write a "pattern" for this and I want you to play freely making your art. However, if you like this thingy and want to approximate it, then follow the guide below. Again, this is NOT A PATTERN. It's a written guide to help you attain a ditty kind of like mine. No rows or rounds, I guess you could call it free-form writing!

Into a magic circle (look it up if you are a beginner), 3sc, 3dc, *ch1 tr* six times. Sc in blo around to last 3sps. Vst in last 3sps. Ch 4, turn, Vst in each of the 4 Vsts, Vst in next 4 sps, dc in next 5, ch 1, turn, sc in same st, ch 10, sc in second ch from hook, 1hdc, 3dc, 1tr, turn, slst in first sc, turn, 5sc in side of last tr, 3sc, 7dc in next big sp, slst in top of 2nd dc of previous rnd/row, ch 4 and sc in next st 4 times for 5 loops, dc, 5 Vsts, hdc, sc, ch 5, sc in next 3 sc in next sp, 3 dc in next st, 3dc, 5dc in next big sp, then slst in top of dc circle, 5 dc in sc circle, slst in next tr of previous rnd/row having turned the dangly so the right side of it is facing you.

I'm not going to write out the rest of the project because you can just see how mine is generally shaped and mimic it or (PREFERRED) do your own playing. Be free. Until tomorrow.

Crochet Every Single Day,