Friday, November 1, 2013

Free-form Practice

Hello everyone,

I have signed up for 30 posts in 30 days of November so here is the first.

When I teach about free-form, I have each student bring a "container" to class along with hooks and yarn. On the hand-out they receive at registration, it says "container" to be a margarine tub, a vase, a box or bottle, Styrofoam cup or coffee mug-anything of that general size, but no particular shape.
After a quick run-through of the basic stitches in the first class to be sure everyone knows what they have to build with, we start covering our containers.
For this example I found a tall pill bottle from the pharmacy that I have discovered is the perfect size to hold my crochet hooks!

Now I'll soak off the label and begin to cover. you can start on the bottom and work up or vice versa. You may want to make a rectangle to wrap it in first then worry about top and bottom later. Start where you want with no particular design in mind. I'm going to start at the bottom.
Beginning with magic circle, chain 3 then add 15 double crochets to the ring.

By putting the circle on the bottom, I can see that another round of double crochet is required as a half double round would come up too short. What I'm going to do is ignore that reasoning and do a round of half double and then a round of single. However, wanting the bottom to be flat and not cupped or ruffled, I must follow the Flat Circle math and do an increase in every stitch. Round 2 would read: chain 3, half double in same stitch, 2 half double in each stitch around.

As you can see, it's just a little bigger than the bottom of the bottom and the photo exaggerates that, but I have something in mind.
Now go and find a container and come back tomorrow for the next step of this exercise. This is not as much free-form as it is structured free-form but I'm going to embellish this and maybe add a handle or...

Crochet Every Single Day,