Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Free-form Exercise #5

Hi everyone,
Today I finished my free-form pill bottle cover.

I started with red again and used quite a lot because that's what I had the most of. As you can see above, the handle became a design element.

And above you can see a curly bit on the right side. I chained ten and then did five in each stitch on the way back.

This is just another angle-a bit of a profile.

The pink free hanging thing decided it should go up instead of down free.

Here the red has reached the approximate height I want.

Then I went back to white to finish.

Another angle.




And finished.

Please forgive the hotel bathroom in the background. You have to work with what you have.
I hope you have enjoyed this and that maybe you will try your hand at free-form.
I'll do the lid tomorrow, so please come back for the grand finish.

Crochet Every Single Day,