Monday, November 4, 2013

Free-form Exercise #4

Hi everybody,
Well, this is just taking longer than I thought. I didn't allow enough time for the photos in good light, writing the directions and the break in the flow that happens when you are crocheting.
I started today with pink, but didn't get very far before this

knot happened that I couldn't free up so I unraveled the few chains you see here and did a few more basic stitches and then tied it off. Next I started the purple.

Am trying to photograph flat so you can see more without 4 separate photos.

Purple rather uneventful except for the little hangy doodle and, yes that is the official name.
Okay, then the lime green.

The green got a little crazy. I've been cheating on you. I have made some increases. Yes, I have and you can too. Now that you are experienced, you can make increases as long as you make decreases to cover them so you keep it straight. The decreases can directly follow the increases or can wait a round or two.
When I got to my "handle" with the green I worked up the first side doing 3 single crochets in each stitch, then down the second side with slip stitches. That gives it a nice little curl.

And the open greens where there were increases, will be tightened up later.

Worked some scallops and long stitches. Like I said, it's loose now but will tighten on next round.

I hope your efforts are going well and that you come back for the finish.

Crochet Every Single Day,