Sunday, November 3, 2013

Free-form Exercise #3

Hi everyone,

I've got to tell you that it's hard once you get going to stop and take photos and write instructions. I think that when we finish this project I'll probably do one without an object to cover and it will be some kind of art thing.
This pill bottle is UGLY, but it had to be because I was using scraps AND because it would have been impossible to see the stitches and textures and variety without making it so. That's why I want to do an art piece; redemption by making something attractive.
Yesterday we left off at just after starting up the wall of the bottle.

Today I haven't taken as many photos, but I do want to talk about the stitching. From the photo below, you can see that after the red, I picked up a piece of blue-ish and started around. Part of the blue stitches just followed the red around in a variety of singles and half doubles and doubles, but part of it went back down into the red and even the white for not only the variety of basic stitches but as surface crochet. Again, just let go and do whatever strikes you. Don't finish rounds in the same color or stitch. Try not to even think about it and let you hook do the thinking. Insert your hook from the back as well as the front and into the front loop only, back loop only and both loops with wild abandon. In some stitches, I made clusters for texture which is fine because I was NOT INCREASING.
Then I had a tiny bit of something like bakers twine (green and white) it is about twice as thick as the number 3 cotton (red). Hmmm. I'll use a larger hook! I switched to a G hook and attached right where the blue stopped. After a few variety stitches, I chained 16, turned and skipped the first two stitches then single crocheted back down the chain. When I got to the base I just went back to crocheting around. This made the handle and the two skipped stitches left a loop where that end of the handle can be attached somewhere near the top where I want it. Then back to F hook and embroidery floss.
I tried to take a snap then turn a little and snap again and, yes I know it's ugly and now I see that it's sitting wonky on the bottle.

I'll do better tomorrow, I promise.
Please comment if you have any questions or you have a photo you want to share.

Crochet Every Single Day,