Saturday, November 2, 2013

Free-form Exercise 2

Hi everyone,

Hope you all found something to "cover". Let me back up just a bit to say that I'm using size 3 crochet cotton and an F hook. You may use yarn or any other medium and the appropriate hook. Just give some thought like I did when I decided worsted weight would just be too heavy for this pill bottle. Today I'll be adding some 6strand embroidery floss. Use whatever you want.

Now that the bottom or flat circle is the size I want I must STOP INCREASING working even around or, in other words, 1 stitch in each stitch. This will make it climb the "wall" of the bottle.

Play! Notice in round above that the hook is coming from the back and picking up the back loop only then yarn over and pull through both loops- a little braid like look.

Now remember to not increase or decrease, work even around which when you see that in patterns it means just that- one stitch in each stitch.

Now I'm going to do a round of double crochet to speed this up a bit. Well, I thought so, but a few stitches later I'm doing a few half doubles and a couple of singles and then ( without going all the way around the circle) I pick up the embroidery floss and take off again. Singles, doubles and half doubles. Get random going. Now and then I chain 4 or 5 and thin pin it down in the next stitch with a single or slip stitch. Get silly. The circle will cup now because you are no longer increasing.

I hope you have found something to cover and that you come back tomorrow for some serious decorating and lots more fun. Probably one more post after that to finish.

Crochet Every Single Day,