Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fancy Mesh Jiffy Scarf - semifinished

Hi everyone,

A little funny thing happened. When Bloglovin picked up my post yesterday it had the scarf title with the photo of the soda can and the free-form project! Lol

So after crocheting 100 yards of size three crochet thread yesterday, frogging all 100 yards, and then crocheting 100 yards again in less than 24 hours, my hands are tired.

So here is the first one.

And here is the one I did today.

At least, the partial scarf. So now the finished scarf will be 60 inches, which is what I wanted. It's still about 6 inches wide and more proportiona. Now I can wear it looped around twice or more as I had originally planned.

The problem is that I couldn't finish it today. Maybe tomorrow...

The next big project ( bigger than a scarf ) will be coming up in a couple of days. It will be a free-form art piece like I told you about when we did the little pill bottle exercise in preparation. I'm inviting you to crochet along with me for this project. Mine will be a monochromatic work, but yours can be as many colors as you wish. Start gathering your materials now! Till tomorrow.

Crochet Every Single Day,