Sunday, July 28, 2013

Giveaway for Members Only

Hi everyone,
I'm back! And the best way to celebrate is a Giveaway.
If you are one of my next 5 followers, or are already a follower, your chances of winning my next giveaway will be 1 in 100!

I'm so happy to be giving away a copy of CROCHET SAVED MY LIFE by Kathryn Vercillo. Being a book, I can ship it to ANY of my followers anywhere in the world and I wish each of you the best of luck. I wish I had a copy for each of you.
The book is signed by the author!
Her new book, HOOK TO HEAL will be out later this year. You may already know her, but you can get more acquainted with her by visiting her blog, www.

Crochet every single day.

P.S. My review of the book is on AMAZON Here

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Follow Me - Win Prize- Members Only

Hi Everybody,
I'm having the last procedure done on my spine on the 10th of this month. I should be back to blogging and so many other things within the week.
I have 93 followers at this time and want to do something just for my followers, so be one of the remaining 7 to follow making it 100. Then if you are interested in entering for a fab prize, including international followers, you will be able to enter. One chance in only one hundred! Not bad.
Just now I need 7 more followers.
See you next week.

Crochet every single day,