Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Magic Crochet Hook

My first blogaversary is Feburary, and there is a really great giveaway coming up so keep an eye here for entry details.
In the mean time, my hubby hooked up (little funny) with Susan Bates and got me a truly Magical Crochet Hook!

(Click on photos for magnified view)
Here it is on edge and you cannot see the either flat side, so no markings.

This is one of the flat sides and you can just make out the Susan Bates name.
Notice anything else? Look at it again.

One side.

Other side.

So what do you give a crazy crocheter? A crazy crochet hook, of course! Did you see the magical part?
There's no HOOK!
No kidding! It came that way. I'm still rolling on the floor. I will cherish it always.
Crochet every single day,