Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fragrance Rocks

This next little idea I'm still sort of testing, because I'm trying to discover how long it will last. It's been a few months already so I know it works, but indefinitely? I don't know yet.
Anyway, next time you think about crocheting rocks,

please try this. First, of course you pick out a couple of rocks. (The naked one in the photo is the one I'm testing.) Then you buy some fragrance oil that is activated by heat. I bought these at Michael's.

Now in a small glass cop or bowl (just large enough that at least half of the rock will fit onto) pour the oil nearly full and put the rock or half rock in it. Don't worry about wasting the oil because it will still be good and you can recover it after this to reuse. If only half fits, you just have to turn it to get both ends soaked. This takes a little while. I left mine in the oil for at least a week. After that, wipe the oil off, maybe let it dry a little, then crochet away.
Here's the MAGIC. If you sit one of these in a windowsill that gets sun, the rock gets warm and emits the fragrance. No kidding. If you have a fireplace, just lay one or two on the hearth. Lay one on your cooktop while its cooling down. It evens works in your car when it's warm!
This is so much better than diffuser sticks. Give it a try. They make wonderful gifts.