Saturday, December 22, 2012

Google+ Not For Me

Hello Everybody,
I tried Google+ and thought everything was fine. It was not. I repeatedly tried to fix it on my own. Finally I searched the Internet and found that there are many, many people having these problems. Under threat of going into obscurity, I decided to revert back like I was told I could when I signed up. Now it says to change my profile which gives this notice - "this page is broken, that's all we know." Then it says that they will "try" over the next few days??? to restore me back to what I had before. So, if this blog starts going crazy, please be patient as I will address each new problem as they arise and, of course, after "restoration", which I have no way of knowing when or why. That's all for now except this advice: be careful, very careful, before switching to Google+. Enough said.