Monday, November 19, 2012

Google Outed Me

Well, I guess there was just no other way around it. Google will no longer let me be Boocoos. I was very comfortably in that real honest setting, but they forced me out. Seems I was breaking a rule not using my legal name. So from now on, I have to use Gale Cooney. I did not mean to deceive anyone. The people most important to me call me Boo. My favorite sound is a baby cooing. Also boocoos very loosely means "lots" of something- like lots of crochet. So that's the end of that.
My penance? Not having a clue how this is going to affect what's already out there as Boocoos being connected or not with Gale Cooney. I'm scared, but it has to be. I apologize to Google for breaking a rule and do appreciate them letting me carry on at all under any name. Sorry to my readers too. I did not realize the weight of my "deceit" or how it would come back to bite me. Who knows this could actually help me. Right?