Friday, November 23, 2012

HOOKS GIVEAWAY 3 Chances to Win

Look at what I just received from JIMBO!

And he's having a HOOK GIVEAWAY. This goes along with another of his famous auctions. The one I now have (pictured above) is a size N.
Go to his website above or in my sidebar and enter there for the one he's giving away, and maybe bid in his auction. Then for the one pictured above, leave me a comment on your favorite of my projects. (I'd love to know why it's your favorite.) Start your comment with the first word HOOK, then go on as usual. That's it!
These are individually handmade hooks from wood on Jim's ranch. Smooth as silk, they are warm and hand-friendly. They stand on their own bases and are a joy to work with.
This will be a very short giveaway as I want to be able to get the hook to you by December 25, 2012. So, it starts now and the winner will be announced December 10, meaning the DEADLINE for entries is midnight December 9, 2012.
Besides all that, if you follow me you will get a second entry. So there it is. Three chances to win! Hurry up.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hearts Desire Free Pattern

This is a very popular pattern from Red Heart yarns. I worked it in size 3 thread using a F hook and it came out at about 8 inches across, but the pattern would work well in yarn too with the appropriate size hook.

Find the patternHERE
This is another doily I've started. I'll give you the results and pattern soon.

Have fun and crochet every single day.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Inspiration Doily Pattern

As promised, here is the pattern for my Inspiration Doily. The cream colored one is the original as I created it.

The red one is where I went back and recreated it with pattern and photos.

I used a size 3 thread and hook size F, and that makes it about 7". However the pattern can be made in size 30 thread or chunky yarn (with appropriate hook) for whatever size you want.

Start with a magic circle which you can google if you don't know how to work one, but it looks like this.

Here is the pattern.
Round 1 - Ch 4, dc in ring,*ch 1, dc* six times ending with ch 1. Pull circle closed and join in 3rd chain of original ch 4. You should have 8 spaces.

Round 2 - slst in next ch 1 sp, ch3, *yo insert hook in same ch I stitch, pull through, yo and pull through 2* (leaves 2 loops on hook), repeate between * * , now having 3 loops on hook yo and pull through all three. This was a beginning cluster.
*Now ch 3 and in next space do first half of dc 3 times then yo and pull through 4 loops.* regular cluster made. Ch 3 and cluster in the remaining 6 spaces so you have 8 clusters total. Ch 3 and join.

Round 3 - sl st into next space, ch 1, 2 sc, ch 2, 3sc. * In next space, 3 sc, ch 2, 3sc, ch 1* Repeat 6 more times end with ch 1, slst in first ch 1.

Round 4 - sc in next st, *ch 6 sc in next ch 1 sp * (at top of cluster). Repeat around ending with ch 6, sl st in 1st sc.

Round 5 - ch 1, sc in ch 6 sp, ch 2, sc, ch 2, ch 5, sc, ch 2, sc, ch 2 sc. *Sc in next ch 6 sp, ch 2, sc, ch 2, sc, ch 5, ch 2, sc ch 2, sc.* repeat between * * around ending with ch 1, sl st in top of 1st sc.

Round 6 - fold down the next two picots, sl st in top of 2 rows back behind to ch 3 sp, fold back out and do 2 more slsts to get to top of ch 5 (in other words, sl st between the picots from the back side. If you have problems with this, you just get to the top with slip stitches in the usual way, but it makes it bulky there.). Once at the top,* sc, ch 7, sc in next ch 5 * around. Join in 1st sc.

Round 7 - sl st to next ch 7 space. *1sc, 2 hdc, 1dc and 1 trb, ch 2, 1trb, 1dc, 2hdc, 1sc* all in the ch 7 space. Repeat *to* in each ch 7 sp around.

Round 8 - sc in blo of each stitch to next ch 2sp. *Sc, hdc,dc, hdc, sc, then sl st in blo of each st until next ch 2 sp* repeat around and finish of.

This is so quick and easy. After the first one you could probably make 3 or more during a two hour movie.
I would love to see yours! If you have any problems, contact me at Enjoy.
Crochet every day,

Monday, November 19, 2012

Google Outed Me

Well, I guess there was just no other way around it. Google will no longer let me be Boocoos. I was very comfortably in that real honest setting, but they forced me out. Seems I was breaking a rule not using my legal name. So from now on, I have to use Gale Cooney. I did not mean to deceive anyone. The people most important to me call me Boo. My favorite sound is a baby cooing. Also boocoos very loosely means "lots" of something- like lots of crochet. So that's the end of that.
My penance? Not having a clue how this is going to affect what's already out there as Boocoos being connected or not with Gale Cooney. I'm scared, but it has to be. I apologize to Google for breaking a rule and do appreciate them letting me carry on at all under any name. Sorry to my readers too. I did not realize the weight of my "deceit" or how it would come back to bite me. Who knows this could actually help me. Right?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fiesta Bag

This is a sort of no-pattern pattern. This method of seamless crochet has been used to make pot-holders and flat bags and such for many years. It's all done in single crochet and two I am sharing today were made with size 3 cotton and an "F" hook.
I made this one for my cell phone, but you can make it as big or as small as you want. I've got a smaller one made in red for credit cards that I will show later and since they are made the same way, I will demonstrate in red because it is easier to see than the variegated.

They both start the same way. Make a chain as long as you want the closed end to be wide. Turn and single crochet to end of row. This is where it gets different. After the last single crochet you place your hook in the remaining loop, wrap the tail to lay along side the remaining loops so that you are crocheting in the tail as you work single crochets down the opposite side of the original chain.

At the point shown above the next step is to single crochet in top of very first single crochet. You do not join as usual, you just keep on doing sc in each stitch as you spiral upwards.
This next photo shows the first few rounds. Be sure to make no increases or decreases. Only sc in each stitch.

As you can see, it will be a nice fit for credit cards. Here it is finished with a round of slip stitch.

You could use a ruffle edge or one for a drawstring like the Fiesta Bag. The last photo shows the open end with 12 credit cards. They will NOT fall out.
If you want to make one that does not fit so snugly like maybe a bag for your sunglasses, or say a little clutch, it is easy to add a handle or flap to button or snap close. Variations are unlimited. On my Fiesta Bag I added a little loop to hook my keys to.
I will have a pot holder to show you even more magic about this method.
Crochet every day,

Inspiration Doily

It's hard to go back to something you've finished and write the pattern. I tried on this one, but can't concentrate long enough.

So to write the pattern and check it at the same time I made another one. A red one.

Now if you would like to make this quick little doily, here is my free pattern.
Finished size = 6 inches
Material: size 3 crochet thread
Hook: F
Begin with a magic circle. If you don't know how, google it- there are many good quick posts about this.

See next post for complete working pattern.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Petite Trim

Well I've been manic lately. So much so that I have crocheted nearly non-stop for more than a few days. Ideas poured in from my whole universe and I have decided I should stop for a few minutes and share.
I made up this little trim in a strange way. As usual, I didn't have any idea what I was making until I ran out of pink and started with another scrap of off-white.

The middle strip is the reverse or back side.
In case you like it, here is how I did it.
With size 3 crochet cotton and hook size F:
Row 1- ch 3, sc in second ch. *ch 2, sc in second ch from hook*. Repeat from * to* until it is as long as you want it to be or untill you run out of thread. Ch 2, turn.
Row 2- sc in each stitch to next to last stitch from end. In last stitch, insert hook and pull up white, yo and pull through both loops to finish the last sc (Changed colors) then, ch 2 and turn.
Row 3- sc in each st across.
Row -4 (crab stitch) reverse sc across.
That's it! Afterwards, I realized that this is good because you can make it just exactly as long as you want it for a towel, pillowcase, neckline or anything; or you can make miles of it and just sew two parallel lines then cut between the lines and use it like trim yardage to sew on. I think the non-public side is presentable, but of course prefer the right side.
This works up very quickly, and is practically mindless. The pattern would work with any size yarn or thread as long as you use the appropriately sized hook.
I hope you will try it. I'd love to see any pictures of your use of the pattern.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Better Photos of Caribbean Möbius

I originally posted about this project on September 7, 2012. I never felt the photos do it justice, so today was a bright sunny day so I tried again. The pattern is with the original post. I hope these will inspire you more than the originals.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Granny Squares

A few months ago I did a guest post for Kara at Petals to Picots when she did her Granny Month. I had a couple of questions about the patterns so I reworked the presentation into what I hope makes it easier for all.
All 4 start with the same first 2 rounds and then I made it up from there. I used size 3 crochet thread and an F hook, but they would work in yarn with an appropriate size hook.
So here are the first 2 rounds.

Round 1 - Using a magic circle to start ch 3 then 15 dc before closing the ring with a sl st in 3rd ch of ch 3. (16 total dc counting the ch3 as 1dc).
{If you do not know how to use a magic circle, Kara has a tutorial on it. This really is the best method for beginning any circle, but if you just don't like it then do this instead.}
Round 1 - Ch 4, join with sl st to form a ring, then ch 3, 15 dc in ring, sl st to join first ch 3.
Round 2 - Ch 3, (always counts as 1 dc),(dc,ch2,2dc) in same sp ( first corner made),dc in next 3 dc, *2dc, ch2, in next dc* (2nd corner made), dc in next 3 dc then repeat 2nd corner. Continue in this manner around then sl st in 3rd ch of ch 3 beginning. (7 dc on each side)
Use these first 2 rounds to start each square then follow the directions below for round 3 or more for the square you have selected.
SQUARE 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It is 4 little squares of only the first 2 rounds (above). Then
Round 3 - hdc in each dc and the corners are: 2 hdc, ch 2, 2hdc.
I used hdc so that when they are assembled, the resulting square is the same size as the other three.

SQUARE 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Round 3 - sl st in the next dc and in ch 2 sp. Ch 3, repeat 1st corner in same space, ch6, sk next 7 dc, make 2nd corner. Continue around ending with a sl st in 3rd ch of ch 3 beginning.
Round 4 - sl st to and into first ch 2 sp, ch 3, work 1st corner, dc in next 2 dc, ch 6, sk ch 6 sp, dc in next 2 dc, make 2nd corner. Continue around using 2nd corners, sl st in 3rd ch of ch 3 beginning.
Round 5 - sl st to and into next ch 2 sp, ch 3, make 1st corner,dc in next 4 dc, ch 2, dc around ch 6 of both rnd 3 and 4 into 4 th of 7 sk dc st in rnd 2, ch 2, dc in next 4 dc, make 2nd corner in ch 2 sp. repeat around musing 2 nd corners, join with sl st in 3 rd ch of beginning ch 3.
Round 6 - sc in each st around, making , corners same as rnd 5, but in sc.
Round 7 - repeat rnd 6.

SQUARE 3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Round 3 - sl to and in next ch 2 sp, ch 3, make 1st corner, dc in next 6 dc,* make 2nd corner, dc in next 6*, continue around, sl st in 3rd ch of beginning ch 3. (10 dc on each side)
Round 4 - sl st to and in next ch 2 sp, ch 3, make 1st corner, * dc in next 2 dc, ch 2, V st (dc, ch 2, dc),ch 2, dc in next 2 dc, make 2nd corner * , repeat ** 2 more times. Join as usual.
Round 5 - repeat Rnd 4, making V sts in V st of previous round.
Rounds 6 and 7 sc in each st around making corners as above, but in sc.

SQUARE 4~~~<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Round 3 - sl st to and in next ch 2 sp, ch 3, make 1st corner, dc in next 6 dc,* make 2nd corner, dc in next 6*, continue around, sl st in 3rd ch of beginning ch 3. (10 dc on each side)
Round 4 - sl st to and into next ch 2 sp, ch 3, make 1st corner, V st between next 2 dc of previous rnd, 5 dc in next V st, V st between next 2 dc of previous row, make 2nd corner (13 dc on each side) continue around. Join as before.
Round 5 - sl to and into next ch 2 sp, ch 3, make 1st corner, 5 dc in V st of previous row, V st in 3rd dc of 5 dc in previous row, 5 dc in next V st, make 2 nd corner. Continue around and join as before. (16 dc on each side)
Round 6 - sc in each stitch around, making the corners as before, but in sc.
Round 7 - sc in each st around except do 5 sc in each corner.

I hope this post is easier to understand. As usual, it's a little push for you to experiment and maybe inch a little closer to free form.

Friday, November 2, 2012

NEW New Winner in #3 Giveaway

This is just blowing my mind. Again a winner who did not claim her prize!
So, tahdah, the NEW WINNER is CONNIE K! Congratulations, Connie and I'll get your yarn posted by Wednesday at the latest.