Friday, September 28, 2012

Crochet Hook Maker

Just in case you have lived a sheltered life and haven't found this blog on your own, please allow me to introduce Jimbo, my hook man. He is truely an artist. He makes crochet hooks from wood that are not only an absolute pleasure to use, they are also breathtakingly beautiful.
I proudly own two hooks he made and really enjoy the smoothness and warmth of the wood in my hands over the metal or plastic I usually use. I love the fact that they stand upright on their own little feet. I love everything about them, except of course the price, which is completely justified. Each hook is made individually by hand.
To quote Jim "The hooks I make are completely one-off projects, done without any kind of duplication equipment, templates or the like. I do that for a couple of reasons. I like to watch the wood reveal it's character while it's being transformed into a hook. I can't do that in a hurry. Also, I've done a few "runs" of other projects and find that for me, production takes the art away. So I shy away from large orders (passed up an offer to make the commemorative CGOA hook for that very reason)."
So I want you to see his work Here
But you must understand that you cannot expect any quick results on what you might order if it hasn't been made yet. I got a G and a K for myself and plan to order more as gifts for special people or special events. Here are my lovelies.

When he was ready to ship mine, he wrote "Okey dokey.. a couple of hooks are on their way. One is a G, and is made from a dead branch donated by the old apple tree on the ranch. That tree was the one that gave me the wood for the first hook I ever carved and gave to my sis, who then encouraged me to make hooks for sale. The other hook is a K and is made from another dead branch, but this time a maple."
So go see Jim's blog and try not to drool too much. I just can not put into words the feel or the artistry these hooks have in your hand.
I'm adding Jim's blog to my sidebar so you may be reminded of something you can gift to yourself or a really nice crocheter you know. His hooks bring a feeling of tranquility just to hold one - you don't even have to be crocheting with it. Enjoy!