Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I usually blog about crochet. This post is about writing, like blogs about crochet. Joe Bunting has crafted an e-book that every blogger and every writer should keep right next to their computers.

It's simply genius. Here is my review at
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At Least 7 Stars, August 19, 2012
By Boocoos
This review is from: Let's Write a Short Story! (Kindle Edition)
It is simultaneously the best book for your reference shelf, and a can't-put-it-down novelette. If you have ever considered writing anything other than your signature, you need this book. Extremely well written, focused and easy to read. Joe Bunting has written the best self-help for writers I have found. On top, and over the top is its secret; it gets you stimulated like a drug. It is life-changing, because you know by the time you've finished this book that you can write and write well. It strips away all former excuses and gets the adrenalin going. There is no going back. You will never write the same again. And the price is ridiculously low.
I would have paid much, much more, but it's available at only $3.99. The price will almost definitely go up, so take advantage now.
And to make this about crochet, I'll send you a free skein of yarn ( nice ) if you send me proof of purchase. How's that?
Leave a comment if you are interested.
I'll make it 4 skeins of your choice from my selections!!