Friday, August 10, 2012

Truly An Original

When I wander around the net it's hard for me to see much that is new. I've been crocheting for sooo long. I've seen so much of others crochet. I've taught crochet. Sometimes I'm impressed by the way someone has arranged the stitches, but I can just see a picture and write a pattern for it.
Imagine me finding not a new pattern, but an ORIGINAL STITCH! My heart stopped for a minute, then I started to see how it was made. I could not figure it out! So I tracked the picture back and found Meladora. Her blog is beautiful. I found the pattern on her site, then contacted her to ask how she had discovered this stitch. Her story is below in her words.
"Hiya Boocoos, thanks so much for giving me this opportunity to be a guest post on your blog and tell and share with your viewers this wonderful stitch I call Meladora's Butterfly Stitch.
How I discovered this stitch is kind of an interesting story. I was sick and crocheting, was to tired/lazy in my sickness that I stopped looking down at what I was doing. I was making a row of single crochets. When my hook stopped moving so freely and I looked down and thought to myself, what did I do? Then undid the stitch and saw. Realized I have never done that kind of stitch before and wondered how it would look if I just kept doing that, so I did. At first I wasn't chaining in between and noticed I was decreasing, then realized, of course I would be decreasing, I was using two stitches and turning it into one, so I started again, only chaining one in between, then this line started to form in between them, I was like, doh!, but oh well lets see what it looks like after a few rows, (was making a hat) then I noticed the lines looked like butterflies, I was even more excited! So bam double wammy. So just a bit of knowledge and curiosity and the stitch was born.
This is what it looks like, as you can see the butterflies are made from the open spaces of the stitch.

It's worked in one continous round, I have been working hard on trying to figure out how to make this stitch into a scarf / blanket and have finally figured something out, which I will be posting in a tutorial and pattern at a later date on my website. But for now I have a beanie and slouch hat pattern that you can find on my site at just click HATS at the top of the page. Don't forget to subscribe and I will send an email to you when I have uploaded new content.
Can't you just imagine a baby blanket made with this stitch, with some kind of rainbow material sewn on to the back making the butterflies show through in color?! I have many designs, come check me out. Thanks again so much for reading this and Boocoo for letting me share this wonderful stitch with you. Come and chat with me on my blog Here or my Facebook page Here.
Come stop on by and say hi! I'm always posting pic's and ideas and sharing links of others wonderful designs and current projects I'm working on."
Thank you Meladora for shocking me with such a surprise, and for sharing this with us. I really appreciate your willingness to share. She also has a very nice net pattern. I hope everyone who sees this page will visit her blog.