Friday, June 15, 2012

Crochet Green -Recycling

Crocheting with audio and video tape is not a new idea, but with all the new yarns and threads available, I decides to try an update. I've used an old video tape (Pokemon I think) because it is wider than audio. Get all the tape on one reel first, then disassemble the casing. Start your foundation chain just like you would with yarn. It is of utmost importance that you use a large hook. This is a picture of my (ch 23, dc in 2nd chain and each ch across) partial first row. I'm planning a little evening bag so I made it about 7.5 inches wide. You can make tours any width you want by doing more beginning chains or less.

Here is the progression of the first few rows.

Notice the blue highlights in the close up above? You would not believe what happens when light hits this stuff. The best pattern I found by trial and error is to do the first row of doubles, next row singles and continue in this manner until the piece is as big as you want.
Now on to the next steps. Post tomorrow.