Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crochet Audio Tape

Well I'm working on a consignment piece for another blog and it's taking longer than I thought. Finally here is the promised post for crocheting with audio tape. The video tape used in previous post was black and I thought the yarns I used with it were grand. Then I broke into an old cassette tape and was surprised to find it a sort of milk chocolate color. I looked through my stash, but couldn't find anything I just loved to use with the brown. Well, let me tell you that when I was putting away the yarn I had used on the video tape - that was it. The photos below show how rich and luscious the ladder tape used before works with the brown.

These are a couple of little things I'm thinking of for jewelry. Both the video and audio hold shape well, but I'm going to add beads for weight. On the lower picture I want to place the beads to cause it to keep the twisted shape.

I'll probably use the uppermost corner as the attachment point and then beads at upper right corner and lower left. I've not made up my mind yet how to finish off the medallion.
Use your imagination. Earrings or coin purse or another bling bag. Mmm, I wonder about black and brown together (audio and video)...
I have three tips on using either tape:
Use a bigger hook than you think you need.
Using yarn or thread with the tape is so much easier to work than tape alone.
Caution, this may not be good as cell phone case, because the metal in the tape may block signal. I'm not sure about that, so ask someone smarter, but do take it into consideration.
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