Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Project in Progress - Another Bird?

In my classes I always include at least one session requiring students to bring to class an object of their choice. A tub that held butter, a vase, a box, just any small object. Of course, I don't tell them why, so they bring amazing assortments of all shapes and sizes. A penny, ball, picture frame, a jar that had contained maraschino cherries, a piece of driftwood and on and on. When I tell them we are going to learn about free form and construction by making crochet to form fit the objects, some of them get a little pale in the face. Not to worry, and we begin.
I still look at objects in that way. The picture below shows what I am making from the blister part of a package of two hooks for my bathroom.

So I get home and install the hooks, but just can't part with package. I thought I was brilliant when I decided to use the blister part to make a yarn bag with two holes at the top, therefore being able to use 2 skeins to work from with no tangling. What a clever woman I am.
My first move was to start to cover the plastic holes with yarn. I did pretty good on the front side ( top picture), but the back side was not so good, ( two bottom pictures, see the clear part especially in the center and it's white edge peeking from between the stitches?), but I thought that was all right because it would be inside so no one would ever see it. As I started crocheting around that initial covering (first round), I was thinking about how to get the yarn into the bag since I was crocheting it from the top. I decided on a side opening. Yes, that will be so cool I thought.
Then I turned it over and saw the top picture. Everything changed. I realized how silly I had been to think I was making a yarn bag, when I was obviously making an owl. I think the top picture shows how easily it could be a mask, but I couldn't stop there. Wait till you see how this turns out.