Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Body Bag / Project Bag

I'm calling this my body bag because I was needing something to carry projects in progress, without needing a place to sit or lay it down. Something that allowed me to crochet while walking, or sitting some place not so clean. Something I could "wear" without it hanging around my neck or over my shoulder.

So this is what I came up with and wear it a lot now. I'm not always a sitting crocheter and this works even when I'm stirring soup or waiting for the dryer to finish. I'm telling you, this is a handy thing to have.

No, that's not my arm! The pattern follows below. It is approximately 18 inches wide and 11 inches tall, but you can easily adjust the measurements. I used a worsted weight and size J hook, but gauge is not importantly.
Row 1- ch 71, dc in 5th chain, *ch1, dc in next chain* across the row.
Row 2- turn and ch 3, dc in first ch1 sp, *ch 1 dc in next ch1 sp* across. End with ch1, sk 1, then dc in 3rd ch of dc in previous row.
Row 3 - turn and ch 3, dc in first ch1 sp, ch1 *dc in next ch1 sp, ch1* across, dc in top of ch 3.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until piece measures 36 inches (or your preferred dimensions). Fasten off and weave in end. Fold last row up to meet first row and stitch up side of bag.
If you want the zig-zag net pattern to go the other direction, simply turn pattern, but then the joining is across the bottom of the bag and I did not like that idea. This way is much stronger.
For handles you could use rings or machine stitched fabric. I made 2 straps by joining about 5 inches in from one side and doing 5 sc, *turn do 4 sc* until strap is about 6 inches then join in same place on opposite side. Repeat 5 inches in from other at other end.
This pattern is easily adapted to any number of things, like curtain panels for example or a scarf...Play with it and enjoy.