Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Listen : Muse Speaking

This is the yarn and label to show you what I started with. It is called SENSATIONS and is made by/for Jo-Ann Fabrics. A beautifully colored Boucle that was given to me by my fairy real mother. Started with it a couple of times but just could not stand to work with it. I like to experiment before starting a project and this stuff could NOT be unraveled. Forget about it!

Maybe someday I'll be able to use it...and of course, could not possibly trash it. So we co-habit..for several years now.
I ran across it again about three weeks ago while looking for inspiration, and decided to hold it for a while and hope something would happen. It did.
Using a K hook, I chain stitched the whole skien and rolled it up in a big ball. Did a little swatch and it was soooo much easier to work with AND unraveled it with ease. I highly recommend chaining your own yarn when it is called for. Felt like a genius for a minute then back to "now what's next".
My search begins for a project and which stitches to use. Sometimes the yarn itself is my muse.