Thursday, November 28, 2019

Trying Again

My blog finally came back on its own so I will try to restore my photos and restore blog.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


This is a re-blog from LION BRAND YARN.

31 Ways Knitting and Crochet Can Change Your Life and Make You Healthier
17 Lion Brand Notebook / by Danielle / 5 hours ago
The research is in and there’s no denying it: people who knit and crochet have a much better chance at staying healthy, being happy and getting organized.

In the past few years, reports from authoritative sources such as CNN, the Huffington Post and Oxford University, cite evidence to support the fact that knitting and crochet can change your life in many ways … and for the better.

Health is a serious matter for all of us, so we took some time to compile our favorite writings on the matter; articles from Lion Brand bloggers such as Kathryn Vercillo and investigative reports from mainstream media outlets like the Washington Post.

We hope that you find this round-up useful and that you’ll include knitting and crochet as part of your personal health and wellness plan. It works!

31 Ways that Knitting and Crochet Can Change Your Life

Relieve depression.
Promote mental health.
Reduce anxiety.
Process grief.
Alleviate cabin fever during winter months.
Reduce Stress.
Practise mindfulness and meditation.
Create a non-medicinal, feel-good high.
Protect the brain from damage incurred by aging.
Learn discipline, empathy, patience.
Lose weight.
Relieve insomnia.
Relieve chronic pain.
Keep your brain fit.
Think clearer.
Reduce negative thoughts.
Reduce or postpone dementia.
Improve your mood.
Get organized.
Build self-esteem.
Avoid cognitive impairment.
Delay memory loss.
Control eating disorders.
Find friends.
Reduce irritability and restlessness.
Control addictions.
Get strong.
Practice prayer.
Give to others.
Build community.
:: Get the pattern shown above: Aromatherapy Eye Pillows (pattern available in knit and crochet) ::

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dallas Scarf

Hi everyone,

I finished the scarf I've been working on and have dubbed it the Dallas Scarf because the color of the yarn was Dallas Grey. The pattern I described when I started it has now been perfected and is now ready to share.

Dallas Scarf

2 skeins Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn
Hook size N 10mm
American terms

Stitch- long single crochet- (lsc) insert hook in next stitch, yo and pull loop to front, yo, pull thru first loop on hook, yo, pull thru remaining 2 loops.

Note: I started with a chainless sc foundation, but you may just as easily start with a regular chain.


Chain desired length or width that you want (if you use a regular chain then your next row should be sc across, chain 2 and turn, and should be started in second chain from hook).

Row 1 - *lsc in back loop only (blo) in 1st stitch. Lsc in back loop only (blo) in second stitch* repeat **to end of row. [ in every row place last lsc thru both loops ] Ch 2, turn.

Row 2 - ??? If the last lsc (before the on thru both loops) was worked in blo of previous row, work in flo in current row and vice versa.

Once you get going, this works up like a forest fire! It looks very complex but is really very simple. Just can't wait to try it in a finer yarn to girlyfy it.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Friday, November 22, 2013

Scarf Pattern

Hi everyone,

Today I'd like to give you the pattern for the scarf I've been working on. It looks complicated, but it's really simple. I've heard this called a xsc stitch, that is extended single crochet-at least I think so. Anyway it is a simple stitch:

Insert hook in next stitch, yo and pull loop thru, yo and pull thru one loop on hook then yo and pull thru remaining two. Repeat.

To me it's like working a foundation single crochet stitch, but I often see similarities where there are none. Anyway, what makes it look complicated is how the stitch is situated. It's placed in the back loop only of one stitch and the front loop only of the next. If it was back loop only in previous row it will be front loop only in current row and vice versa.

It's completely reversible (good thing to have in a scarf). It looks different on the front side, but still misleadingly complicated.

I thought this yarn was too stiff (it's Hometown USA by Lion Brand), but I tried it with an N hook and it's really nice. This could be for a man or a woman, but I'd suggest a finer yarn for a woman. That's just my personal preference.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Possible New Stitch for Scarf

Hi everyone,

Today might be the last nice cool day here before the weather turns cold, so I'm trying to hurry up and get a pattern worked out for a large scarf for my husband to wear when he walks the dog. At this time I'm leaning towards a pattern I've worked out that I'll be happy to share with you a little later. Here's a swatch close up and a little closer yet.

It's a beautiful silver grey that does not show very well in the photos at all. More on this tomorrow.

Of course, I'm also working on the free-form thingy. The assembly has started and the feeling is getting easier to come by now that I'm not attempting to write down every step. Anyway this is the present condition of the thing.

So many projects, I worry that none will turn into finished objects without some kind of magic.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dream Catcher

Hi everyone,
Today I took a bit of a break as I was going through my stash to collect items I want to use in my monochromatic free-form art piece. Got distracted along the way, as usual, and found something quick to do; a dream catcher. This is to show you the color green I used.

It is lightening fast because it is mostly chain stitches. I honestly cannot remember where I got the pattern, but wherever I found it, it was not a dream catcher. It was a chignon, or a doily or something like that. I wanted to show you the color first because it's hard to tell in the photos below.

It's really beautiful, and I had a lot of fun making it. It really took longer to attach it to the ring than it did to crochet it.

Now here is what I've selected so far for the art piece. The mostly used one on the far right is the remnant of the dream catcher.

Hope you are going to crochet along with me on this art project. Is so much fun, you get lost in it! Tomorrow then.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fancy Mesh Jiffy Scarf

Hi everyone,

The following photo was, well let's just say requested by my mother to show you that the free-form crochet project from earlier post is much bigger than I made it look in photos taken at that time.

So much for old business.

Now onto the scarf named in the title of this post. I had three balls of this bamboo SENSO thread by DMC.

Thinking that I've had it for over a year, so I should use it, I thought I could make a couple of quick scarfs. Well, was I surprised! Each ball has 100 yards and is size 3 crochet thread. I started with 34 chains and a G hook (packaging recommended a C hook). This is 100 yards worked in open mesh.

So the scarf can only be three feet long if I use all three balls! So before I frog it all and start again with only 28 chains, here are a couple of close-ups of the stitch viewed from both directions.

Some projects just don't work out as planned. My Mother says that you really get your money's worth out of yarn depending on how many times you get to use it before you wear it out. Crochet, frog, repeat until just before it gets too frazzled to be of any use for any project! Her glass is ALWAYS half full.

Frogging time for me. See you tomorrow.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crossover Slippers

Hi everyone,

My mom finally got to see the free-form covered pill bottle and just about demanded that I show it again with some reference to size. She said the blog photos made it look too small. That was tonight at dinner, so tomorrow when there is good light, I'll show it again.

Today I have been working on a pair of crossover slippers. On Ravelry the pattern is HERE as baby booties. Seems like I have seen it elsewhere as adult slippers, but I can't find it now and the one on Ravelry allows for sizing.

I'm working with Homespun yarn and a size K hook. I chained 47 to begin the widest part. In the photo below is the finished slipper on my foot with a regular shoe beside. I wear a 7-71/2 shoe.

The calculations are easy and described in the pattern. Here is the beginning of second slipper.

Mine turned out a little too loose around the top. I haven't decided to use a button ( the easiest way) or do a crab stitch around. Thank you for stopping by today.

Crochet Every Single Day,

p.s. You could easily make a pair while watching TV in one evening. See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

MOOGLY's Got A Brand New Bag

I fell in love with this the minute I saw it. Useful things are always a hit with me.
Today I have started my bag using MOOGLY's pattern HERE.
I'm using Red Heart Soft in a color called "Light Blue Green". Round 5, and so far so good. When I was ready to start round 6, I noticed that the circle was cupping ever so slightly. I crochet rather tightly and I knew it would get exponentially worse. So I frogged the few stitches I had in round 6 and started again with an H hook. This helped the circle flatten nicely as you can see.

So if you would like to crochet along with me, grab your hooks and let's go. More tomorrow.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Sunday, October 20, 2013

iPad Carrier

Very close-up of stitches.
Hi everyone,
I decided to make a carrier for my iPad to protect it from accidental dropping and to free my hands for other things. So first I looked for thick stitches and decided on type of bobble stitch that is simply a treble and single in one stitch, then chain one and skip a stitch, repeat. I started at the bottom of the bag and worked up towards the handles. Everything was fine until I ran out of the yarn I was using. I tried several other yarns in the same stitch and it just wasn't right. When I changed the stitch, the yarn possibilities opened up. The top of the bag is just front post stitches.
I'm liking it. Then what about a closure and/or handles? Again tried several ideas and settled on the one using plastic tubing. I cut the tubing to the length I wanted the handle, and single crocheted over it. But first, I cut a slit about 3 inches up one end of the tubing and folded it back over the uncut portion.

Then single crocheted over the tubing.

You can see that a large crochet hook could still fit through the turned back portion of the tubing.

I pulled several strands (6 I think) through that opening and then attached to bag with single crochet through the outside of the bag. So, tada, here it is!

I should have written the instructions as I went, but this little description lets you see the thought process that leads to free-form crochet.
Make yourself something using improvisation to get it done. It's truly rewarding-AND useful.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Do You YO? (Yarn Over)

Hi everyone,
I'm writing a book (in the background) about crochet construction, so I'm always interested in the way others describe it. I found a blog by Linda Dean HERE that is a marvelous! So I contacted Linda and asked if I could repost on my blog and she gave me her permission.
So, here is her post on yarning over.

Posted on August 21, 2013
It is funny sometimes how you don’t really think about the little things. I was assisting with a crochet workshop this past week end, in which people were learning crochet stitches by placing an edging around a handkerchief, when the question came up about “yarn overs”.

Yarn over by coming under the yarn and rotating counter clockwise

Yarn over by coming over yarn and rotating clockwise.
Now talking about something as simple and fundamental to crochet as the ability to put yarn over a hook should be pretty straight forward, but in reality it is not. There are primarily two different ways that this is done, the most common is to place the hook under the yarn and twist counter clock wise, and the other is to placer the hook over the yarn and twist clockwise. I always find it difficult to process the description mentally so I have included photos to help visually.
The effects from this differing yarn over techniques are subtle, but there is a difference, the latter method (coming over the top) adds more twist, and thus twist energy then the former (coming under the bottom). This twist energy is most evident in basic stitch of the chain, it is caused to twist. Thus more complex stitches, such as picots, do not lay flat and require additional blocking to have a finished look. (Although it was pointed out to me, that if you wanted a really ruffled edge that this yarn over could be a benefit).

samples of yarn over chain stitches, those are the left are from under, and the right are worked with yarn over from the top
Another effect of this method is that the stitches can appear more compact, and tighter, even with the airiest of yarns. The extra twist compacts the yarn slightly and thus creates a stitch that may not be as full as that created by yarning over from the bottom.
If you find that your crochet fabric has a mind of its own at times, you may want to look at the simple steps you use to execute them and see if a small change could make a big difference. I always find it amazing that it really is the little things that can make all the difference.

Thank you Linda, this makes a BIG DIFFERENCE!

Linda has a bunch of crochet goodness on her blog so please visit her at

Crochet every single day,

Monday, March 25, 2013


Hi everyone,
You'll never guess who called me on the phone. SANGEETHA from CROCHETKARI!!! She was calling all the way from India and I got her number so I can call her. I've so enjoyed blogging about crochet this past year, but the friends I've made from all over the world is so fulfilling. I absolutely love her work and then I got to know her and can't say enough about her. You can find her in my sidebar as CROCHETKARI.
I've been flat on my back for over two weeks now and finally get to see the spine doctor tomorrow! So I thought I'd show you what I've managed to do from my bed.
If you go HERE, you will find a pattern for a giant floor doily I've been wanting to make anyway, and thought I could try it out in a smaller version. Here is what happened.

It's a whopping 16" across! I used cabled cotton which is ever so slightly larger than the size 3 cotton thread (in red), but has a twist that unwinds or frays so much easier so its harder to work with. Especially if you are a beginner, I'd suggest the size three.
I'm also working on some headbands, but need hubby to take photos so I can post.
Crochet every single day,

Monday, March 4, 2013

Crochet Bedcover Pattern

Hello everyone,
I'm almost finished with my crochet bedcover, but I wanted to go ahead and share the pattern as I said I would. It's a very simple pattern with only a two row repeat. If you use two colors, it makes a completely different look-like little dots throughout. I chose to use only one color on this one because its such a large project that I didn't want the added complication of a second color.

Any multiple of 3 (make it as wide as you want)
Row 1 - dc in 4th ch from hook and in each chain across.
Row 2 - turn and ch 3, 1sc in space ( not in stitch) between 3rd and 4th dc of previous row, *ch 3, sk 3dc, sc in next sp* repeat across ending with sc in top of ch 3 from previous row.
Row 3 - turn, slst into first ch 3 sp, ch 3, 2 more dc in same space. *3 dc in each ch 3 sp* across.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you reach the size you like!
Here is a small sample I made so you could see the two color version.

Hope you enjoy and wish you will share.
Crochet every single day,

Look HERE to see this stitch on a fashion model.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Queen Size Bed Cover

Hi everybody,
Just a little note today to share my bed cover. The reason it looks so massive like a field or meadow is because it is!

It's for our queen size bed. I started it January 25th and my goal was to finish it in one month. Hah! I'd say I'm almost half way. It's a very easy pattern I'll post when this is finished. Maybe another month?
Crochet every single day,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Free-Priscila Hewitt Crochet Book

Hi everybody,
I've referred to Priscilla Hewitt before. She's in my sidebar and I did a tutorial on her "gripper towel holder". So today I clicked her in my sidebar looking for something and I can't even remember what it was because up jumped something new! If you have an iPad, just click her name in my sidebar and you can download her
650 page, 33 chapter, 200 patterns, FREE BOOK!
It's so beautiful and well organized with such a variety that only a veteran crocheter could bring together and present so well. And did I say it's FREE?
Thank you Pricilla, with all my hooks.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crochet Bird #4

Hello everybody,
I took a break from serious (pattern work) crochet to do something fun and pattern-free. This is what happened.

Course, photos never do it justice, but in case you can't tell, this is a Blissy Big-lipped Blue Bird brought to you today by the letter B. Can you tell I'm feeling silly on this sunny Sunday?

Crochet everyday,